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Maximum file size is 50000, file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff, jpg, png, pdf, psd, ai, eps, svg, tif, gif

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How to Design Custom Feather Flags?

retractable-banner-stands.com offers you a FREE Online Design Tool for you to customized your own design, without the need of any knowledge nor the need to install any expensive graphic software on your computer. Custom Feather Banners are an excellent way to advertise or sell your products or non-profit services.  Read this blog for more info on how to customize your flag using different graphic software or online tool.

Our eyeBanner Online Customization Tool makes it simple for you to design a flag fast and easy. Simply upload your logo or use our FREE graphic images to prepare your eye-catching custom banner. Alternatively, we also offer completely FREE design service to help you prepare the design for your approval. Simply submit your logo file with the Words requirement. Then you can get the design of your digital proof for your approval within 24 hours!

United States of American Flag Feather Banner - made in USA

#1 Feather Flags Cheap

eyeBanner $9+ CHEAP Feather Flags is one of the cheapest price wholesale flag maker in the United States of America! The banners can be fully custom-printed with your logos, photos, graphics, and personalized text in a wide range of flag sizes (for up to H17ft Pole Standing Height).

Best Seller

  • Bundle Sale $69+ Wholesale Cost: includes Custom Feather Flags with Pole
  • Full Kit $79+ Low Price: includes Feather Banner with Base + Pole
  • Fast Shipping in USA nationwide

Why our Customized Feather Banners are cheaper?

  • NO MINIMUM ORDER! Low-cost Feather Flags (discount for nonprofits and resellers).
  • Direct Manufacturer outlet - $9+ Custom Feather Banner at below Wholesale Cost cheapest pricing.
  • OVER 50% WHOLESALE DISCOUNT LISTED ALREADY (NO Coupon code is required)!
  • FREE Shipping by UPS with a guaranteed delivery date (on orders over $200)
Custom Feather Flags

Best Seller - Custom Feather Flags

How is our Custom Feather Banner Flag better? 

  • FREE upgrade to Heavy Duty Pole Sleeve (Black Oxford Cloth)
  • FREE upgrade to Strengthened Triple Layers Pole Pocket Tip (to enhance the durability)
  • FREE upgrade to Thicker 110gsm Durable Tear-resistant Polyester Fabric material with long-lasting dye sublimation printing. Most other print shops use cheaper, thinner 90gsm fabric with lower durability and higher see-thru problems.
  • Wide choices of Polyester Banner Materials - each specialized for different conditions, e.g. Mesh polyester textile could enhance durability in high winds or sand beaches.
  • Portable Advertising Flag Banner - Lightweight & Easy Carrying collapsible pole kit featured with Fast and Easy Setup in a minute.
  • Heavy Duty Pole Kits (Premium Glassfiber) - resist over 63 mph wind force (for Single-sided); or 46 mph wind (for Double-sided).
  • Vivid Full Color (HD Photo Quality) - suitable for any graphic artwork or even photo.
  • FREE Digital Proofing - we offer Professional File/Design checking on all submitted files or online designs to guarantee satisfaction print quality and results.
  • FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL - Online Customization of a feather flag design online is easy.  It's fast and takes a few minutes with templates.
  • 100% Custom Design - no restriction on background color (any color / gradient / graphic / photo background can be printed as the background).
  • Ship in 2-3 days FAST Turnaround Time in the United States nationwide (expedited production option), if approved by 10 am EST.
  • UPS 7 days Free Shipping - on orders over $200 

How to configure and Customize a Feather Flag Kit in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Choose a Flag Size - XS size (for H6ft Pole) to XXL size (for H17ft Pole)
  2. Select Custom Print Side & Fabric Material - Single (110gsm / 130gsm Polyester); or Double-sided Feather Flag (290gsm Polyester with Block-out)
  3. Decide whether to add a Flag Pole or not - Standard Pole (Aluminum/Fiberglass); or Heavy Duty Pole (Full Fiberglass)
  4. Choose the suitable Pole Base - Ground Stake (for soft grounds); or Cross Stand (for hard floors)
  5. Determine how to Customize the Feather Flag Design - Online Design Tool; Create a print file using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop (with our Templates); or FREE Design Services.

Step 1. Choose the Height of your Feather Flag Size

Feather Flag Size and Pole Height Comparison

Size Pole Height Flag Size
XS 6ft W16"xH59"
S 8ft W20"xH77"
M 10ft W24"xH93"
L 13ft W26"xH132"
XL 15ft W32"xH162"
XXL 17ft W34"xH181"

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Quick Links to the Popular Size:

  1. Best Seller! Feather Flag S Size - H8ft Pole Height 
  2. Best Value! Feather Flag M Size - H10ft Pole Height 
  3. Most Cost-effective! Feather Flag L Size - H13ft Pole Height 

Step 2. Select Single or Double Sided Flag & Banner Material

Single vs Double-sided Flag Banners

With a single-sided flag, only one side can be visible at all times, which limits its applications and visibility. However, one-sided feathers are still popular mainly because of the much cheaper price. In contrast, double-sided flags are much more versatile than single-sided flags. The main advantage of a Double Sided Feather Flag is that it can be seen from both sides, regardless of the wind's direction. Double-sided banners are usually preferred by organizations looking for a more professional look. Two-sided flags by having two different images on each side, you can easily switch up designs and use them more effectively in marketing campaigns.

Double Sided Feather Flags

Double Sided Feather Flags are better than single-sided printing because they are more visible and noticeable to potential customers. This is because the flag can be seen from both sides, which helps to double up your advertising exposure.  Additionally, the flag can be used as a marketing tool to promote a business or event. The flag can be placed in a visible location, such as near the entrance or exit of a store, to draw in more customers.  They are more visible than single-sided printing, and they also create a more professional look.

  1. Contents and messages seen from both directions
  2. Double up the advertising exposure
  3. High quality block-out fabric with no see-thru problem, even under strong sunlight outdoor
  4. Printing is done separately on each side - this means the design and content can be completely different on each side.

eyeBanner's Exclusive Blockout Polyester for Double-sided Flags

Silver-coated Blockout fabric is a specialized fabric used exclusively by eyeBanner to produce our Double Sided Feather Flags. Basically, this fabric is made from two layers (each of 145gsm thick) with one side coated in silver ink. The result is a very sturdy 290gsm thick two-sided banner flag. This fabric helps to block out the strongest sunlight or background that could be seen through the flag. This makes it perfect for outdoor double sided feather banners that could avoid the Back-side image being seen as overlapped with the Front-side.

Not only does it prevent any see-through problems associated with single-sided flags, but it also ensures the colors remain vibrant and bright on both sides of the flag. Furthermore, since the silver coating helps to reflect sunlight, it helps reduce the overall fabric temperature and can easily last longer than 110gsm polyester textile. All these factors make silver-coated Blockout fabric an excellent choice for double-sided flags.

Step 3. Add a Flag Pole set

Standard Aluminum/Fiberglass Feather Flag Pole

3.1 Standard Pole Set - Aluminum/Fiberglass

This is our standard Pole Set for Small to Medium Size Custom Feather Banners with Pole Heights up to H10ft.  Because of the relatively small flag size, this standard pole strength is good enough to withstand the general wind force.  Buyers need to opt-in for the Heavy Duty Base with the rotating axis for the standard pole to set up in a windy area.

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Feather Flag Pole

3.2 Heavy Duty Premium Pole Set - Full Fiberglass

The full Aviation-grade Fiberglass Heavy Duty Premium Pole Set is recommended for Larger Outdoor Feather Flag Size with Pole Height of H13ft, H15ft, and H17ft.  The fiberglass pole is sturdy enough to withstand a strong wind rating of 63mph for a Single-sided Feather Banner and can resist wind up to 46mph with Double Sided Feather Flags installed on the Pole.

Step 4. Pick a Feather Banner Base option

4.1 Feather Flag Base - Ground Stake

A ground stake pole base for a feather flag is a piece of hardware that is used to secure an outdoor feather flagpole into the ground. The ground stake pole base is inserted into the ground and the feather flagpole is then attached to the top of the ground stake pole base. This allows the feather flag to be displayed in a stable manner and prevents it from being blown away by the wind.

A. Cheap Ground Stake

This feather banners with base ground spike is perfect for smaller size flags with shorter pole set up in non-windy areas!  It's cheaper than the advanced heavy-duty ground spikes.  However, it is only good for holding up smaller flags.

B. Heavy-Duty Ground Spike

This much sturdier ground spike has a rotating axis that helps it to protect the pole kit in windy areas. The heavy-duty construction ensures that it can withstand strong winds without being knocked over. This Outdoor Feather Banner Base option is recommended for the larger size double sided feather flag which is much heavier.

4.2 Feather Flag - Stand Base

Are you looking for an easy, reliable way to set up your feather flag? Look no further than the Base Stand Options that are perfect for setting up your banner flag with a pole in any ground condition. Our base stands are designed to keep your flag upright, no matter if you're setting up on hard concrete pavement or soft sand and dirt. What's more, our bases are lightweight and easy to carry, making them great for outdoor events.

C. Lightweight Indoor Stand - base option

Looking for the perfect way to showcase your feather flag indoors? The Indoor Stand for Feather Flags is the best solution! It's lightweight and highly portable, so you can take it with you from place to place in a matter of moments. Plus, you don't have to worry about it tipping over thanks to its included donut weight which anchors the base to any hard floor environment. So whether you're looking for an indoor display for your business or just a short-term outdoor event, the Indoor Stand for Feather Flags is a perfect choice!

D. Heavy Duty Outdoor Stand - base option

Are you looking for a reliable, long-term base for your feather flag? The Heavy Duty Outdoor Stand is the perfect solution for any outdoor ground condition - even hard concrete pavement! Built to be strong and durable, this stand can easily withstand temperatures and weather conditions, giving you peace of mind that you won't have to replace it any time soon. With its versatile design, it's perfect for any kind of event venue with whatever ground condition you need. Make sure your feather flag stands firmly in place with the Heavy Duty Outdoor Stand!

Step 5. How to Customize the Feather Flag Design

5.1 How to customize a Feather Banner design using Adobe Illustrator in 5 Steps:

  1. Choose the Feather Flag SIze and whether you want single-sided or double-sided first.
  2. Download the Feather Banner Template based on your requirement.
  3. Open the .ai file template in Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Create the design directly on this 100% full size template.
  5. Need to leave a little margin of around 1.5" along the edges - this will be required to avoid the logo or text content be covered by the Stitching line in the final production.
  6. Create all TEXT to Outline - to avoid any missing font problems.
  7. No worry! Our professional design team will check all submitted files manually to ensure all file specifications could meet our production requirements.
  8. We will help to adjust a bit if necessary and send you the digital proof for reconfirmation before printing.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to design a feather flag using Adobe Illustrator! 


Feather Flags Cheap - Wholesale

eyeBanner offers a huge wholesale discount on our banner flag with your logo or text.  Our Wholesale Feather Flag on the Cheap is inexpensive and a perfect way to market your business or event. They are made of durable, lightweight materials and are easy to set up and take down. The vibrant colors and designs will grab attention and help you stand out from the competition.

Want a Big Saving on your small advertising budget? This Video shows you how to order a feather flag cheaper at wholesale costs of $9+ only!  We are currently having a promotion on FREE upgrade to a fully customized Teardrop Banner, so you can now have greater freedom in customizing your own flags without the need to break your bank.  Look inside to get a Discount Coupon to order your low price banners today!  Buy at cheaper price now to enjoy these extra savings before the coupon code is expired.

Which Feather Flags?

Custom Feather Flags Specifications & Details

Custom Flag Kit Parts & Accessories

  • Custom Printed Flag Banner
  • Double-sided or Single-sided dye-sublimation printing options
  • Best Selling Popular! Cheap or Heavy Ground Stake - for soft ground (sand & dirt)
  • Best Value! Cross Base Stand - multi-purpose for any ground condition including concrete pavement
  • Optional Carrying Bag (at extra cost)

Banner Flag Material - Outdoor Polyester

  • Single Sided Flags (Standard) - Durable Tear-resistant 110 gsm thick knitted fabric (pros: less see-thru problem than most other banner makers using thin 90gsm textile)
  • Mesh Fabric Flags (Special Option upon request) - Suitable for extremely windy areas to reduce the wind-force damage to the Flag Kit (cons: have a serious see-thru problem making it difficult to read the content) 
  • Double Sided Flag Banners - Heavy Duty 290gsm thick (cons: block-out fabric with Silver Coating in between, to avoid the see-thru problem)
Feather Flags - Custom Parts and Accessories option

Standard Flag Pole Kit - Aluminum / Fiberglass

  • Hard Aluminum Pole bottom section + Flexible Glassfiber top section
  • Suitable for small to medium size flags (up to H10ft Pole Height) setup in non-windy outdoor areas or indoor setup
  • Single sided flags - withstand 30 mph winds
  • Double sided feather flags - withstand 17 mph winds

Heavy Duty Premium Pole Set - Full Fiberglass

  • Sturdy aviation-grade fiberglass pole
  • Recommended for larger flags (from H13ft Pole Height) installation in outdoor windy environments
  • Single-sided banners - withstand 63 mph winds
  • Double sided feather banners - withstand 46 mph winds

Feather Flag Pole Specifications

Pole Height Size Flag Size Weight Pole Grade SKU
6ft X Small W16"xH59" 0.6lb Standard FP-XS
8ft Small W20"xH77" 0.7lb Standard FP-XXS
10ft Medium W24"xH93" 0.8lb Standard FP-M
13ft Large W26"xH132" 1.1lb Heavy Duty FP-L
15ft X Large W32"xH162" 1.4lb Heavy Duty FP-XL
17ft XX Large W34"xH181" 2.1lb Heavy Duty FP-XXL

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Verified Buyer Reviews

Deborah Brown - 01.25.2022

Vivid Color on quality polyester

I absolutely love my custom feather flag! The vivid colors and quality polyester fabric banner flag make it perfect for any event. I highly recommend this product!

Jason Hill - 02.18.2022

Solid Color Feather Flags

I was really happy with the multiple color banner flags I ordered. The colors were eye-catching and really brightened up the event. The shipping was fast and the customer service was great.

Fitness Gym Feather Flag

Steven Parker - 01.05.2022

Durable Flag with Pole

I am very happy with my banner having my Fitness Gym logo to promote my FREE Open Day!  I've ordered from this eyebanner online store twice, and they made excellent quality durable flags which last much longer than my purchase from other shops before.  My custom design printed came out clear with bright vivid color. The customer service was great, I got the banner in 5 business days with fast shipping. I will definitely order more again for my other locations!

Spring Church Feather Flag

Mary Snow - 01.03.2022

Low Cost but Good Quality!

I love this banner with our church logo. Our church immediately get more visitors after the setup of the banner in the entrance. I am so glad I found eyeBanner on all my googling and I will definitely use them again. These guys are so good at customer service and the product quality of the banner flag is more than what I imagined it to be. They turned out better than expected with the great cheap price! Their designer Anna is very easy to work with and they did a great job making sure that we were getting what we wanted.

Spring Church Feather Flag

Roger White - 12.29.2021

Great dropship service for reseller

As a marketing agency, we need high-quality but low cost advertising banner sign to help my client's Pizza Restaurant to get more business with a low advertising cost. We've tried all of the different providers of custom flag banners and we keep coming back to eyeBanner! Their banner flags are not only cheap in pricing, they're also very flexible in handling the blind dropship for reseller like us. Their free design support always do a great job with our designs that also saved us a lot of time cost. Highly recommend One Group’s eyeBanner as a reliable wholesale source for reseller like us!

Spring Church Feather Flag

Jennifer Lewis - 12.15.2021

Satisfactory purchase by referral

I am incredibly impressed with the quality of my swooper flag imprinted with a nice BBQ graphic created by the eyeBanner design team (with a clipart fee)! I had been shopping around for the outdoor flag with pole for my event and was unsure about which one to choose. A friend suggested One Group’s eyeBanner and the price was very cheap. I couldn’t find anything else within my budget, so I purchased this. When it arrived, it exceeded all of my expectations! The double line stitching around the edges are of good quality and looks very durable by the time being. It will be a perfect 5 Star if this comes with a FREE clipart also.

What are feather flags?

Feather flags are tall, vertical outdoor advertising banner signs (made with polyester) with curved tops in Feather Shapes that are used to draw attention to events or businesses. They are often seen at trade shows, outdoor festivals, and car dealerships, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Feather flags are lightweight and easy to assemble, and can be seen from a distance, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking for a cost-effective way to get noticed. Custom Feather Banners can be printed with a logo, slogan, or other promotional messages to attract customers and help improve the branding.  You can read our blog post for a comparison of the Pros and Cons of Feather Flag over all other outdoor advertising display sign.

Feather Flag Banner classification names & shapes

Classifications of Custom Feather Flag Shapes

The feather flag is a specialty flag and banner. The technical nomenclature of this advertising banner is Windless Flag, as it does not require wind to open, as its design allows it to maintain an open shape without any external forces. The term "feather flag" originates from the distinctive shape which resembles a feather. 

There are several alternative names for this type of flag, including feather signs, beach flags, swooper flags, flutter flags, bow banners, teardrop flag banners, flag banner signs, advertising banner flags, wind flags for advertising, blade flags, feather banner, and sail sign. These terms can be used interchangeably depending on the context.

The outdoor feather flag family is broadly classified based on the shape of its flags – the teardrop shape with a pointed top; the shark shape with a curved top; the blade shape with sharp edges at the bottom; and the tomb shape with a flat top. They can also be divided further into subcategories based on size and material used.

Feather Banner Set up Instructions

How to assemble a Feather Flag Banner in 5 Steps:

  1. Join and connect all Flag Pole Sections to form one long pole.
  2. Insert the Pole into the Pole Pocket (Sleeve) of the Feather Banner.
  3. Hook the Bungee Cord (Rubber Band) to the hook of the bottom Flag Pole section.
  4. Adjust the tension of the Bungee Cord Loop to stretch the Flag to the maximum extent (to flatten the flag optimally).
  5. Insert the Pole into the Base Options that you have ordered - Ground Stake or Cross Base Stand.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to set up a feather flag 1 minute! 


Custom Feather Flag Banners for Bank
Custom Feather Flag Banners for Car Dealer

When and Where to Use Feather Flags?

Feather flags custom-printed are flying everywhere! Businesses use them to draw more customers to their storefronts. Events use them for branding and crowd control. And outdoor venues love them to add color and photography backdrops. Almost any businesses and non-profit organizations have a way to use this cheap outdoor advertising flag banner to get attention on the road:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Shopping Malls and Department Stores
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Food Festivals
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Car Dealers
  • Carnivals
  • Cell Phone Carriers
  • Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars
  • Feather Flag for Churches
  • Sports Activities and Events
  • Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Pharmacies

Flap your wings and get noticed! Outdoor Feather flags customized are perfect for making a statement no matter the occasion - they work in any business, event, or environment. Add one to your setup and let everyone know you've arrived!  Wherever your project takes you, let Custom Feather Flags be your guide! Whether it's business, events, or outdoor activities, these lightweight flags make a HUGE impact. Make your presence known with Cheap Cost Feather Flags! Where will you take your feather flag today? 


  1. What are Feather Flags?

  2. How to Design a custom Feather Flag?

Cheap Feather Flags with Pole Kit

  • 100% SUN-BLOCK Double Sided Feather Flags wholesale low cost 
  • Custom Feather Banners Printing + hardware pole manufacturer
  • We offer Cheap Feather Flags with Pole in special Bundle Sale
  • Sturdy aluminum / fiberglass flag pole kit
  • FREE upgrade to Full Color photo print (so there is no restriction on the graphic or photo picture)
  • As the whole piece including the background color is printed out.  So there is no limitation of the available fabric color.  In fact, any background color, gradient or even photo picture could be printed.
  • Most advanced Dye-Sublimation printing that use heat transfer technology to permanently lock and fuse the ink particle with the fabric.  This makes the vivid color could be kept for a longer life time than other cheaper general screen printing.

Custom Feather Flags - Double Sided & Teardrop Banner

How to Customize a Flag Banner and submit your print file?

Download our Custom Feather Flags Template (please select the size you want):

​​​​​​​SINGLE SIDED - Feather Flag Templates (DOWNLOAD LINK):

  1. XS size Banner - for H6ft Pole
  2. S size Banner - for 8ft Pole 
  3. M size Banner - for 10ft Pole
  4. L size Banner - for 13ft Pole
  5. XL size Banner - for 15ft Pole
  6. XXL size Banner - for 17ft Pole

DOUBLE SIDED Feather Flag - Templates (DOWNLOAD LINK):

  1. XS size 2-sided Banner - for 6ft Pole
  2. S size 2-sided Banner - for 8ft Pole 
  3. M size 2-sided Banner - for 10ft Pole
  4. L size 2-sided Banner - for 13ft Pole
  5. XL size 2-sided Banner - for 15ft Pole
  6. XXL size 2-sided Banner - for 17ft Pole

Print File Specifications

  • Download the above 100% graphic file template
  • Submit original editable .AI file is highly recommended (create all Text Fonts to Outline)
  • Other common graphic file formats are acceptable: PDF, EPS, JPEG (150+ dpi)
  • If it is just a logo with some simple text wordings, you could simply submit your Logo File. We would then help to prepare the draft layout for your review and confirmation
  • Graphic Design Service is available to meet your other special design requirement

Submit Print File or Logo File

  1. Use the above Submit File Here to upload the graphic file for printing during your online ordering
  2. Or you could complete the order first, then upload the print file any time later with the Submit File page in the Top Menu

Proof Approval

  1. We would normally return you the proof on the same day for your approval before the final print
  2. Please standby to email reply to confirm your approval to print.

Frequently Asked Questions - Teardrop Feather Flag

How to buy Cheap Feather Banners with Free Shipping online?

Question:  I am not a designer, so how can I create the design for my Custom Feather Flag Banner?
Answer:  You can simply use our Free Online Design Tool to create the design of your flag to be printed directly.  Please watch this video to see how to design your custom feather flag online easily in just a few minutes.

Question:  I am a professional designer.  Can I design offline and submit my own print file?  What kind of artwork do you accept?
Answer:  Yes, we accept print ready files in all popular graphic formats (e.g. .ai .eps .pdf .psd .jpg .png .tif).  So you can use any of your favorite graphic software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) to create your own design.  Please first download our Feather Flag Template File, and open it with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create your own custom flag design.  You can submit your file by uploading directly in Section B. DESIGN OFFLINE above.

Question:  Is there a recommended resolution for my custom banner artwork upload?
Answer:  There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, it is generally recommended that you upload your artwork at a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). This will ensure that your banner looks clear and sharp, regardless of the size at which it is displayed. If you have any questions or concerns about resolution or other aspects of banner design, please consult with a graphic designer or contact us for help.  The best way to ensure a perfect resolution quality on the large format banner flag printing is to submit your file in scalable vector file format (.ai .eps .pdf .svg).  Vector Files means the graphic can be scaled up infinitely without any lost in resolution quality.
Question:  I am not sure how my banner custom design will be printed out, do I get to see a proof before printing?
Answer:  For custom feather banner order with design created by our team, a digital proof will be emailed to the customer for approval (usually within a few hours) before a custom feather flag is printed.  This is to ensure that the design is correct and meets the customer's expectations. The proof allows the customer to check for any errors or mistakes in the design and to make any changes before the flag is printed. This process helps to ensure that the customer is happy with the final product.  However, for extreme urgent orders and if the buyer has submitted a print file with perfect print quality and specifications, we might not be able to send you the proof for reconfirmation due to the time constraint.


Question:  How to track my order?
Answer:  You can login your account to trace the status of your banner flag order.  UPS / Fedex online tracking number will be available after your package has been shipped.
Question: What is your turnaround time for a feather banner?
Answer:  ETA (arrival time) = Production Time (selected on Product page) + Shipping Time (options available on Checkout page)
SAVER :: Delivery within 12-14 days = 5 days Production + 7-10 days FREE Shipping (on order over $200)
EXPRESS :: Fast Delivery within 4-6 days = 3-4 days RUSH Production + 1-2 days Expedited Shipping


Question:  What are the differences of single-side vs double-sided feather flags?
Answer:  The primary difference between single-sided and double sided feather banners is that single-sided flags are only printed on one side of the fabric, while double-sided flags are printed on both sides. This means that double-sided flags are more visible, as they can be seen from either direction. Additionally, double-sided flags tend to be more durable, as they are less likely to fray or tear.
Question:  What kind of fabric material is your feather banner made of?
Answer:  The fabric material of our feather flag is made from 110gsm thick polyester (most other banner shops just use cheap quality 80-90gsm to lower their cost). These materials are lightweight and can be printed on easily, making them a popular choice for promotional flags.  Additionally, they are both weather and wind resistant, making them a good option for use outdoors.
Question: What is the material of your Flag Pole Kit?
Answer:  Our Feather Flags with Pole have 2 main types:
  1. Aluminum / Fiberglass Flag Pole Kit
  2. Heavy Duty Full Fiberglass Pole (Sturdier and is recommended for Larger Flag Size for taller H13ft, H15ft, H17ft Pole)


Question:  How do I get rid of wrinkle from the polyester flag?
Answer:  The polyester feather flag is wrinkled and needs to be removed. To remove the wrinkles, you will need to iron it. Place the flag on a flat surface and cover it with a towel. Iron it on medium heat until the wrinkles are gone.
Question:  How long does your Feather Flag last?
Answer:  With proper care and handling, the life expectancy of a feather flag is typically around a year.  However, we have some buyers that can maintain it for over 2 years, but it really varies hugely.  Feather flags are often used outdoors and can be exposed to a variety of environmental factors, such as wind, rain, and sun, that can shorten the flag's life.  Additionally, if the flag is not stored or handled properly, it can also deteriorate more quickly and might only last for 6-12 months in extreme conditions.
Question: How to prevent the banners become fading?
Answer:  Despite the low cost, all our flags are printed with high quality UV-resistant ink to slow down the natural UV fading process.  However, you can still take additional measures to extend the life span of your banner signs further if they are used for outdoor advertising purposes.  The most obvious solution is to avoid exposing the banner to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.  It is always a good practice to take down your banner flag and store it indoor temporarily if not in use, or when it is under extreme harsh weather conditions.
Question: Is your cheap flag washable?
Answer:  These polyester feather flags are machine washable with mild detergent, but don't bleach!  Then hand up for drying.  Must not be machine dried.

40 Reviews

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  • Ava Moore - 1st Dec 2022

    Quality flag & hardware kit

    I just received my feather flags and I am so excited! The quality of the printing is great and the hardware pole kit and base is sturdy. Plus, the shipping was so fast! I'm really looking forward to using these flags at my next event. Highly recommend!

  • Catherine Kohn - 18th Aug 2022

    Block-Out Double Sided Feather Flags

    My 2-sided banner comes in great with perfect block-out. Absolutely no see thru problem, even under the strong sunlight. Exceeded my expectations! Worth the cost, though the single-sided feather banner is much cheaper.

40 Reviews

  • Ava Moore - 1st Dec 2022

    Quality flag & hardware kit

    I just received my feather flags and I am so excited! The quality of the printing is great and the hardware pole kit and base is sturdy. Plus, the shipping was so fast! I'm really looking forward to using these flags at my next event. Highly recommend!

  • Catherine Kohn - 18th Aug 2022

    Block-Out Double Sided Feather Flags

    My 2-sided banner comes in great with perfect block-out. Absolutely no see thru problem, even under the strong sunlight. Exceeded my expectations! Worth the cost, though the single-sided feather banner is much cheaper.

  • Celia Crown - 15th Aug 2022

    Low cost custom banner

    Exactly what we ordered and excellent quality. Inexpensive, easy to make online, and prompt shipment. 100% Satisfaction!

  • Chris Cox - 15th Aug 2022

    Inexpensive with great quality

    Good flag, for a cheap cost. Very Happy

  • Arthur Evans - 11th Aug 2022

    Free professional file check and proofing

    My new banner looks terrific! I got a reminder about the low-resolution quality of my submitted logo. I had the opportunity to submit a better hi-resolution logo file with a second free proofing. I'll strongly recommend this flag maker to others.

  • Dianna Clinton - 6th Aug 2022

    Good Quality

    The quality looks good! It takes a little time to figure out how to set up. It will be perfect if installation instructions are included.

  • Floyd - 7th Jul 2022

    18ft feather flag

    Great product and service.

  • Jeff McKenzie - 3rd May 2022

    Feather Flags

    Flags looks great!!

  • Indulgence PIzza - 22nd Feb 2022

    Double sided feather flag with pole

    Customer service is very good, the product even better. We are really happy with this company and we will definitely buy again from them

  • Daniel Keith - 11th Feb 2022

    Durable & Clear Custom Printing

    I was looking for a great flag to use for my church. I found this online shop and they have printed a great custom feather banner with color exactly what I am required. Although the teardrop flag is cheap in pricing, it is very durable and my custom logo graphic printed out clear on the relatively thicker polyester fabric material. The fabric they used here looks much thicker and has a less see-thru problem than what I have purchased from other sources in the past. I would recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for quality flags.